Sunday, January 25, 2015

SUN-Day, Sunday ...

For a lot of reasons, I'm trying to wean myself off of Instagram. That - and trying to remember the funny stuff my boys do every day - is why there's been such an uptick in blogposts lately. They're starting to do a lot of funny stuff, Y'all. 

To be honest, though, pictures are my love language. That didn't start when Jones and Freddie were born - just ask my sister's kids and my high school friends. It has, however, reached a fever pitch, since my bringing home babies. 

Thanks for indulging my obsession.

Here are some pictures from today. But first, a few highlights of our Sunday:

1) While straightening up the kitchen this morning, I heard the boys laughing.  When I walked in there to see what was up, I saw that Jones had turned his pants into a hat. No wonder they were laughing. 

2) Later this morning, I changed Jones's VERY stinky diaper in the playroom. Nothing wrong with that, right? I made something of an error in judgment when I left the wipes in there as I headed back to get ready for church. A few minutes later, I popped back into the playroom to see every.single.wipe pulled out of its plastic case. Jones was holding most of them - in fact, I'm surprised he shared ANY with Freddie!

I've never told him NOT to take every single wipe out of the plastic case, so I couldn't get mad at him. That's what I get for assuming he'll know not to do something. Later, as I dressed Jones, I was concerned to see his face was red and splotchy. Then I remembered, he'd been nose deep in a pack of 72 baby wipes.

That explains it.

3) It was Baptist Men's Day at Canton First!  Apparently, these were an annual occurrence in Jeremy's childhood, but it's been years, since they've done one.  Pastor Jay asked Jeremy to help pull it together, and I was so impressed with how well it went. To God be the glory!  I'm hoping they revive this tradition, because to me, the church felt more energized than it has in a long, long time.

But what do I know?

4) After the boys' naps, we took them outside to ride their tractors.  We've collected quite the fleet!  Jones remains scared of riding his battery-powered on, but he'll cover hell and half of Georgia in his pedal car!  This is so frustrating to me!  

5) We brought them in, and while I made their dinner, the boys watched "Handy Manny." Jones watched it sitting in that John Deere pedal car, and I heard Jeremy say, "Kristin! Come here! Quick!" So I did - and I hear Freddie wailing. "What happened?" I asked.  Apparently, Freddie wanted to sit in the John Deere, too, so he'd tried to slide in beside Jones, who didn't even notice, until Freddie's head was in front of his face. And then Jones made it clear to "Baby" that he did NOT want to share his space. I had NO idea not-sharing started so young.
6) After dinner, the boys had their baths. I hate giving my boys baths, by the way. After getting Jones in the tub, I got Freddie stripped and pulled off his diaper. Before I could get him in the tub, he ... made me wish I hadn't taken off his diaper.  Would you believe that, in almost 2.5 years of living with little boys that was just the second time I've been soaked in pee? 

True story.

7) About two hours after we put the boys to bed, Chef Jeremy took some ribs over to his parents', and I watched a replay of Saturday's Kentucky game. I heard a baby crying. Typically, on the rare occasions when they wake up in the nite, I listen for a minute, and 9.9 times out of 10, they get themselves back to sleep without us intervening. Something about this cry bothered me, though, even though I wasn't exactly sure which boy it was.  So I went back to check it out, and it was Freddie.  When I went in to his room, I expected he'd be standing in his crib, waiting for me (as he does), but he wasn't. 


When I went in to his room, I hadn't turned on his light to keep from getting him too awake. That to say, it took me a minute to figure out what was up.  In fact, I had to do it by feeling around in his crib, and what I felt was a big ball of fuzzy fleece with a head trapped in it and rearing back like someone had stepped on Superman's cape. 

He'd gotten himself completely wrapped up in his blanket. And he couldn't get out.

I picked him up (it seriously took a minute to disentangle him), and he calmed down quickly and went right back to sleep.  I came back into the living room and laughed at what had just happened, but a few hours' later, when I finally went to bed (we were watching a documentary on Ed Snowden & the NSA), I started thinking about how grateful I was that God had protected him from what could've become a very serious situation.  

See, Y'all? There's a reason I never put big blankets in the bed with my babies!  I'd just put this one in last week. Up until then, he'd been covered up with a tiny afghan my aunt crocheted him. Needless to say, we switched back to the afghan about 9 o'clock last nite.

a Day Away

Thanks to my parents, who bought the tickets, and Jeremy's parents, who kept the boys, Jeremy and I had a GREAT date yesterday. It was the best kind - lasting from before the boys'  breakfasts until just before their bedtime.

We drove to Columbia to watch the 'Cats beat the 'Cocks, drove home, listening to the 'Heels beat the 'Noles, and, both of our teams with solid "Ws" for the day, drove to Buffalo Wild Wings for a Fried Chicken Wrap that blew my mind.

Like I said, it was a GREAT day.

It was also great to get back to our babies.  Here are some funny stories from their day at Nan and Pop's:

1) Freddie is as obsessed with remotes as Jones was.  Since Jones's QVC incident (ask me for more details), though, we don't allow either one of them to play with it. That doesn't make Freddie any less committed to getting ahold of his holy grail. He's downright sneaky about it (again, ask me for more details).

Anyway, while Nan was in the kitchen cooking, the boys were playing in the nearby den.  Freddie got the remote.  Jones went in to his Nan, motioned for her to "come here" and pointed to where Brother was holding that-which-must-not-be-held.  I'm not sure if he was trying to be obedient ... or just trying to be a narc.

Either way, I like the story.

2) Freddie was in the kitchen with Nan. There are these little drawers that line her oven, and both of the boys love to dig through them (I vividly remember digging through the drawers at my Mayme's to find the Reese's Cups buried under all those green and white, folded, paper Stultz Pharmacy bags!). Well, at one point, Nan looked down and saw that Freddie had busted into some cups of Half & Half and was smiling at her with cream covering his face ... and the floor.

Must be those new teeth.

In conclusion, here's a picture of my nephew Camden having a dance off with I-don't-know-who after yesterday's game.

Freddie Houdini

Word of warning to anyone who may be feeding Freddie:

For safety's sake, he must be strapped in ... like so ... with all five points of the harness fully engaged.  Don't ask me how I know this is necessary.

Actually, he first climbed out of his chair at Mom's house a few weeks ago.  A feat that Jones never attempted, Freddie'd extricate his knees from behind the tray before sitting, in a crawling position, on the TOP of the (thin, plastic, flimsy) tray. My answer for that was to never let him be in the chair without someone sitting right beside him (the straps for the $19 IKEA chairs at Mom's are USELESS). It'd never been a problem in his bigger chair at home.

Until this week.

And that's when we implemented the "five-point harness" rule.  We're about to implement a "drop cloth under him at mealtime" rule, as well.  You see, Freddie feeds himself kinda like Chris Kattan's Mango character, meaning there's as much food on the floor (and his clothes) as in his mouth.

You've been warned!

While I'm talking Freddie Bear, here's a Fun Fact: he's gotten in two more teeth!  I had no idea they'd come in, but they're both in a good ways, so they must've broken through a few days ago. I felt them this morning when feeling for the slowly erupting bottom teeth that I'm increasingly convinced don't even exist.

The two that DO exist are not the top eye teeth; they're the two on either side of where the eye teeth will go.

Yay, Tom Frederick!

Friday, January 23, 2015


Believe me when I say that NOTHING has been going on.  It has been the longest, slowest week ever with absolutely nothing of note to blog about (other than a trip to a park, where nothing really happened, though I did get some fun pictures of the boys).

Until today.

Today, it seemed like blog-able material was coming at me like machine gun fire. There was Jones's existential fit and Freddie's climb out of his walker. Jones colored on his Thomas the Train roller-coaster track; Freddie fed me Cheez-Its ... that he took out of his mouth, bless his heart. 

So lest I forget anything, I'm sitting down now to write about it, so these sweet memories are captured forever.

1) Jones's top two year molars are coming in. After the hell that was the bottom ones coming in, I thought, surely, God would spare us the same perdition with the uppers.  He didn't.  Sweetest boy in the world turns into the meanest when he's cutting these bad boys. And, sometimes, the change can happen in an instant. That's how it happened this morning. I was taking the boys to the back of the house for their naps, and Jones just did NOT want to go. So he was going BANANAS. So I put him in his room and shut the door to come back and deal with the fit as soon as I'd put Freddie in his crib.

When I got back to Jones's room, I couldn't see him anywhere.  I wondered if he were hiding behind one of the rockers. And then I heard a little, "Maaaaa-muhhhhh" coming through the louvred  door of his closet. In his rage, I guess, he'd gotten himself IN there, but he couldn't figure out how to get himself out.  Before I got over there, he DID figure it out, but it was pretty adorable - the situation, that is, not the fit.

2) After his nap, Freddie was in his walker, watching "Sho" (Jones for "Special Agent Oso") and eating White Cheddar Cheez-Its. He started feeding me one for every one he ate, and THEN, he started feeding me the ONES he ate.  He'd put it in his mouth and then take it out to offer to me.  Isn't that "sweet" of him?

3) I very innocently said, "Oh, crap!" today.  Immediately after, Jones said, "Oh, crap!" That to say ... time for Mama to watch her mouth.

4) Before bed every nite, Jones helps me clean up his playroom.  I'm actually amazed with how he knows where everything goes.  "Where does this belong?" I'll ask, and he'll take it and put it right where it goes.  Tonite, one of the slides for his Handy Manny Flashlight was in his toolbox. I'd just thrown it in there to get it off the floor.  Well, Jones picked it out and said, "no, no."  It didn't belong there.

Silly me.

After I thought we were done, Jones walked over to the door and pointed to a train and a car that were hidden behind the open door. I was very impressed with his conscientious cleaning job.  Wonder if he does windows?!

5) We ate hamburgers for dinner today.  That meant that the boys had bite-sized pieces of hamburger meat and a torn-up bun. While the meat and the green beans were cooling, I put the buns on their trays to tide them over. Well, Freddie made quick work of his (as he always does - he'll sometimes feed himself by the fistful), but the rest of his dinner wasn't yet cool enough to feed him.

So Hungry Brother took matters into his own hands. He grabbed the arm of Jones's high chair and pulled himself - literally, moved the chair his booster seat was strapped to - right beside Jones and started picking off of his tray. 

So all that happened TODAY, which MORE than made up for a week full of nothin'.

Here are some recent pictures.  If there's anything worth mentioning, I'll put it in the caption.  If not, I won't!

Camden's Hurricanes basketball team played against the
Oakwood Eagles at our church / school in Anderson.
The boys and I went along for the game.
so many memories of sitting in those
same bleachers so long ago

Oh, here's another story. The boys were
in the playroom one day last week,
and I heard a thud, like someone had fallen,
but there was no cry (which kinda scared me,
to be honest), so I went in to check,
and Freddie was on the floor but fine.
A few minutes later, I went back in and
saw Freddie like this - the lengths he'll
go to to work a puzzle! Suddenly, I knew
what'd caused the thud earlier.
Freddie was having trouble "powering" the train,
so Jonesie stepped in to help.
They're starting to spend MOST of the
day in the playroom - since it's been
to cold to get outside.

Just as he pushed him on Thomas, Jones
volunteered to push Freddie in the swing.
Sweet boy.