Thursday, July 2, 2015

Healthy & Happy

Freckle had his 18 month check-up today, a great way to celebrate that, today, he officially turns a year and a half!

I am VERY grateful to report that he is perfectly healthy. Here are his stats - and, below them, Jones's 18 month stats for comparison:

25 lbs., 1.5 oz. (40th %tile)
30.75" (12th %tile)
50 cm head (95th % tile)

JONES (at 18 months)
22 lbs, 7 oz. (11th %tile)
32.75" (64th %tile)
49.57 cm head (91st %tile)

So, basically the whole Oscar / Felix comparison continues as the boys are completely flip-flopped in their sizes.

Just one funny anecdote before I post some pictures. So I've posted before about the boys playing "Where go Jones?" Now that Freddie's into it, everyone is fair game, whether they KNOW they're playing or not. As soon as Dr. O'Donnell left the exam room, Freddie shrugged his shoulders and said, "Where ee go?"

Also, while we were there, I left Jones with a non-family babysitter for only the third time in his 2.75 years. He did great, and so did I. I really need to do that more often. Thank you, Haylee, for a job VERY well done!

The final pictures are of Freddie cuckling with Freddie Bear, whom he's recently started sleeping with and whom he calls "Puppah," because that's what he calls ALL animals of ANY kind.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our Weekend in Pictures

Our weekend was more busy than any I can remember. It started on Friday with the boys and I going to Greenville for a pair of (WARNING: I hate this next word as much as I do "preggers" and certain overused emojis) playdates (with William & John Thomas Korman and, later, with Levi (and soon-to-be Judah) Martin). We also wanted to watch Lizzie Gray and Lila in their VBS program. The festivities continued through last nite when Jones got to blow his first whistle ... if you can call it that. Stick with me to the end to see more of that.

Here are some things I want to remember about the weekend that was (though, let's be honest, I've probably already forgotten a lot of what I'd written here, if I'd done this post before TUESDAY).

FRIDAY: Greenville

William Korman is Jones's buddy (and his mama is mine!) from last summer's YMCA swim class. His brother, John Thomas, was born in May, so we went to visit all three of them. Jones and Freddie had a ball playing with someone ELSE'S tractors and trains, and Freddie tried, on more than one occasion, to drink all of the water out of their super awesome water table. He just upended a plastic spade and used that sucker as a ladle. He left wearing a shirt soaked in three day old water. Three minutes after being back in the car, that same shirt was also soaked in two hour old tea.

Neil Simon, meet my Oscar Madison.

As we left the Korman's to head to VBS at Faith Free, Jones said goodbye to William. He then waved and said, "Bye-bye, Yan Deah (John Deere) tractuh. See you 'gin, Combi(ne)."

Friday was also "Wear Your Blue and White Day" in the great state of South Carolina. Naturally, the boys and I celebrated in a big way - I in my "Soul Happy I'm Southern" shirt and Jones in this little number that we picked up in Charleston last summer (Freddie wore solid navy, since he doesn't have any palmetto gear of his own ... YET!)

"Where Go Jones?" can also be played
as "Where Go Bobo?"
Just so you know.
SATURDAY: at home

I've tried to get the boys excited about sidewalk chalk before. It's never been a big hit, but, on a whim, I tried again on Saturday; it went over just great. I had one son who wanted to draw with the chalk and another who wanted to eat it.

Guess which was which.

Remember what I said about "my Oscar Madison"?

Believe it or not, my boys DO have a mother,
even if I only shows up in random selfies
that I take exclusively for the purpose of documenting
that I live here, too, dadgumit!
I love Freddie's little hand on my face here;
also, I am astounded by the amount of gray hair I have,
but I don't mind it, as it makes me more like my Mayme. 

I can't get over how handsome he is. 

I love this picture, because it's so
indicative of the boys. Freddie is walking
off to do his own thing, and Jones is
right behind him, saying,
"Free-die! STOP! COME.BACK."
You can see his "stop" hand motion.

SUNDAY: Lake Chatuge

Our quick trip to the lake started with a service at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church - our "lake church," as we call it. Pastor Chad Chandler sang as the special a song that I'd never heard before but that both Jeremy and I loved and DEFINITELY want to remember. Here's a video to help me remember the tune

And here are the lyrics (obviously, I'm still a sucker for the Southern Gospel I grew up on. Chad's special sounded like it could've been broadcast on the Grand Ole Opry in 1947, which is JUST the way I like it!):

One glorious day, Jesus came and made me whole.
He so completely did satisfy my soul,
and as I walk through life's troubled sea,
I wonder if He is satisfied with me.

I want my Lord to be satisfied with me.
I want my life to be what He'd have it be,
and when I come to that great eternity,
He'll smile and say He is satisfied with me.

I'm satisfied with God's great redemption plan.
I'm satisfied that it's sufficient for all man.
I'm satisfied with His work on Calvary,
but is my Lord fully satisfied with me?

3. Lord, give me strength, give me courage, make me bold
that I might lead some lost sheep into the fold,
that I might stand unafraid and walk with Thee,
that You might be fully satisfied with me.

I have a picture of Jeremy holding
Jones that looks almost
EXACTLY like this.
 After church, we headed to the Pressleys'.

lake dining al fresco;
Jones it protecting his eats
with a water gun that once belonged
to his daddy.
Man, I love that little dimple.
After initially getting PUMMELED by Tuck,
their cousins' Weimeraner puppy,
the boys both made peace with him.
I was very proud of them.
Evan's 9th birthday celebration is
what took us to the lake.

I don't know why this picture ended
up so overexposed, but I
love it, anyway.

watching their daddy on a REALLY
cool water contraption at Aunt Nancy and Uncle Ronnie's. Seeing Jeremy
do it, I had to do it, too - even though it
meant jumping in in a tank top
and denim skirt.

Just before we left, the boys discovered the electric
aquarium at the lake house. Jones was THRILLED to
see an "orng feesh," which prompted a
viewing of "Finding Nemo," which he ALSO
calls "Orng Feesh," on the drive home.
I love this picture of the Pressleys
watching Jones and Freddie
head to the car.
When we got home from the lake, Jeremy went to work, and the boys and I played around the house. Later, we picked up Jeremy, and then we all played outside for awhile. It was probably 65 degrees and GORGEOUS out there. I decided it was as good a time as any to fill up the elephant-shaped water can the Easter Bunny brought the boys. Why I haven't done this sooner, I'll never know, because the boys were ENTRANCED. 

Every bit of the water in this picture was poured by
Jones Pressley from that watering can. Every.bit.
Jones's excitement continued when Jeremy pulled out an Allstate keychain with a whistle on it. Jeremy blew it for him, and then Jones said, as he often does, "MY try. MY try." You can see how that went in the video below.

Obviously, those things aren't as easy to operate as you might assume!

TUESDAY: Haywood County

I might as well plug this story in here, too. After the gym (where I went today EXCLUSIVELY for the free childcare, because they boys were NOT at their best this morning ... or maybe I wasn't), we went to the park in Waynesville. On the toddler side of the park, they have this, like, miniature city with storefronts like some of those in Waynesville. One of them is a McDonald's. Jones saw the arches and said, "Mmmmm. Fries!"

Clearly, we have made sure he is adequately exposed to all the finer things in life.

Finally, and most importantly, Jeremy closed on his new business today! As of tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m., the Pressley Group Allstate Agency is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!! Though, if it were up to me, Haywood County is definitely not where I'd pick to call home, it is VERY clear that this is what God wants for Jeremy, and I am so grateful for the opportunity He has presented - and for the ways He's made it possible for Jeremy to step up to the challenge!

I'm sure tomorrow's official opening will warrant a post all it's own.

Until then ...